Web Pirated movie service Popcorn Time goes P2P to side-step legal action

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As some of you may know, Popcorn Time (and its various iterations) has gone through a number of ups and downs in order to offer its community pirated movies. In order to protect itself and its users even further, Popcorn Time is adapting into a peer-to-peer based service.

By hosting data directly with its users and no longer relying on domains and centralized servers, the service hopes to side-step any possible legal action taken against them. According to reports, it is a very similar system to what BitTorrent has in place, which allows the service itself to run even if the main servers are shut down.

The app is also getting another security upgrade in the form of encrypted updates. To ensure that malicious code doesn’t make its way into the community, the group will use a series of cryptographic signatures for software updates.

While this type of P2P technique has been attempted by others unsuccessfully in the past, an anonymous software engineer closely involved with the project seems to think it will be Popcorn Time’s “sweetest revenge” and “biggest victory” yet. 

Popcorn Time apparently has millions of users and is growing at a staggering rate of 100,000 downloads a day. With the service growing so quickly it’s clear it had to do something to protect its community, but it’s hard to imagine the Hollywood lawyers allowing this to go on for much longer.

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Use this and get a DMCA notice? Nope, not worth it. Better to go and rent the content you want or buy it from iTunes or Amazon.com.


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Why doesn't the MPAA just buy out Popcorn time? The service is better than anything they have and now it doesn't even require servers.
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Never heard any Popcorn as pirate movies. What is torrent or waht?


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I've never heard of this before, but I just downloaded and this thing is amazing. I'm so glad this article made it to the Techspot homepage


LOL at people who have never heard of this application before. I have it in my phone and laptop for couple of months already.

Really? You are on internet and still scared?


I would like to point out popcorn time just uses the movie list from yts.re and integrates it into their program to stream. sort and compare the lists lol theyre the same. as for the tv shows idk where those come from.