Pizza Hut is testing Amazon Locker-style cubbies for pickup orders

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Bottom line: The easier it is to buy something, the more often you are likely to do so, resulting in additional sales for whichever company you are doing business with. In Pizza Hut’s case, being able to pick up dinner without having to wait in line or make small talk with a cashier after a long day could help give it an edge over the competition.

Pizza Hut is piloting a new pick-up experience at its Hollywood, California, restaurant. The store, located at 6660 Sunset Boulevard, has been outfitted with personal cubbies that hold customers’ orders until they arrive to pick them up.

Guests can place an order through any channel (online, over the phone or via the Pizza Hut app), pay and then retrieve their grub from the Amazon Locker-like storage compartment. The cubbies have digital screens that help guests identify their orders. Compartments are lined with special material to keep food hot and drinks cold, we’re told.

Pizza Hut’s latest move is about being as frictionless as possible. That is, making the process of purchasing something as seamless and unrestrictive as possible. It’s why Amazon is so popular – you can buy virtually anything with a single click and in some cases, have it show up at your doorstep within hours.

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I don't care if that pizza comes out from the sky or out of thin air, crap pizza is crap pizza. Consumers don't care about ease of use, they care about quality and best bang for buck.


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How many of you remember Horn & Hardart "Automat"? Let me see a show of hands.

This is hardly a new idea.

I'm a generation too young and my area too rural. I think my parents told me when they were kids the nearest one of these was over an hour away from our neck of the woods. Oddly enough, we had something very similar to this in a nearby sit-down diner during my first decade as an adult. You could just walk in, grab what you wanted out of these little windowed compartments and pay for it on the way out (it was sandwiches and pie, mostly). I suspect that big cabinet might have even been a re-purposed Automat...that place was built in the 50's and had all sorts of working antiques like a big coffee maker that looked like a glass moonshine still.
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