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PKZIP Version 2.50

By DavidOrcus
Aug 2, 2010
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  1. Hello,

    I have someone who is using PKZIP Version 2.50 on three different computers that launches the following command line within a batch file.


    Now it works fine on two computers but on the other it starts but falls out of the command when it hits a file that has a long file name. Now if I remove the -n+ it works but then some of the filenames or truncated.

    I've copied the same batch file over from a working PC and it does the same. The only difference I could find between the PC'S was the Unicode was down as "English (United States)" rather than "English (United Kingdom)" and Install files for East Asian languages was ticked. I've set these to be the same and still no joy.

    Any suggestions please

    Thanks, David

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