Planet Computers' Astro Slide features a physical keyboard, 5G, Android, and Linux


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According to its Indiegogo campaign page, the Astro Slide is the first 5G phone with a keyboard, and the fastest 5G device announced to date. It uses the company’s RockUp slider hinge to turn the 6.5-inch smartphone into a PDA. The screen flips up so the Astro Slide can be used as a tiny laptop.

This is the third product from Planet Computers, following the Gemini PDA and Cosmo Communicator, both of which also come with physical keyboards. But unlike the Astro Slide, the previous devices were clamshells.

The Astro Slide features a MediaTek Dimensity 1000 Octa-core SoC, which has built-in 5G offering “twice the performance of other 5G chipsets with significantly reduced power consumption.” There’s also a 2340 x 1080 (395 ppi) display, 6GB of RAM, a 48MP rear camera with a 5MP front snapper, 128GB of storage that’s expandable through the MicroSD slot, an eSIM slot, and two nano SIM slots. It even comes with a 3.5mm audio jack—a rarity on modern phones. A multi-boot option for supporting Linux will arrive later.

Like its previous devices, the Astro Slide is being crowdfunded. At the time of writing, it’s almost reached $179,000—89 percent of $200,242 target—with 40 days left, so it appears funding won’t be a problem. There are still early bird specials available for $546, while the full retail price will be “anything between $799 and $999.” The devices are expected to be shown off at CES next year, with delivery scheduled for March 2021.

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I think you have a couple Freudian slips in there. May want to spell check the device name throughout the article. Good read, though! I'm actually pretty thrilled about this device. Thank you for including pertinent device specifications and expected release date. Much better than other blog sites that just post speculation.

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These little separate keyboards were very popular for awhile. Now days with all the stuff on the screen's I can see them being all the rage again soon .....


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Hey Rob? The product is called the Astro Slide, but you refer to it several times in this article as the "Astro Glide."

Wasn't the Astro Glide a kind of razor? In any case, I want this phone. My KEY2's touch controls and software are driving me mad. Also, HTC says "Heya, kid" to the Astro Slide.
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Kind of reminds me of my old HTC PDA's that I had. Took a while to get use to the on screen
keyboard, but now it would probably be hard to get use to using the mechanical keyboard.


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Microsoft had similar device with Win CE as OS and fully desktop compatible Office built in. Could have done something great with it but for the ***** Steve Balmer who completely botched the entire phone project.