Planet Side 2 (FPS first time playing)

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Nov 21, 2012
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  1. I thought I would try something different from a RPG. Going into the game trying to get a grip on how to control the player, I did not find myself having fun. I was running around trying to find something to shoot and instead I was getting myself killed and never saw it coming. If that is common among FPS games, you guys can have them all. I want to be able to at least see whats killing me, even if I don't have a chance at fighting back.
  2. St1ckM4n

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    3rd-person may show the actual bullets or blood splatter. 1st-person should have some form of indicator on the edge of screen showing which direction you got hit from.

    If you haven't played FPS before, that's pretty weird. So, I think you should take a little more time to get 'in the zone'. Don't rush, be careful. :)
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  3. Relic

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    It's unfortunate that they didn't even bother to add some sort of training ground before launch so new players get a feel and understanding of the game before being deployed in the middle of a huge battle. It's a lot of fun once you get used to everything (even the bugs (n)), but easily overwhelming for new players, especially ones that don't play shooters often.

    If you want to just play some shooters to relax, I recommend single player ones like Crysis or get yourself the best of both worlds (RPG/FPS) in games like STALKER and Borderlands.

    Oh and sadly in most online shooters, especially ones with huge maps and difficult visibility you'll get shot often without knowing from where. The more you play though the better your situational awareness will get, as you learn the terrain, common tactics and enemy maneuvering. This is pretty universal in all FPS games I've played.
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  4. St1ckM4n

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    This paragraph right here, pretty much sums it up.

    Don't even bother starting out on something like BF3 haha. You can spend hours dying to unknown sources.
  5. cliffordcooley

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    I think I will get my feet wet with another game first, before jumping in with a game of this magnitude.

    Thanks for the input guys. :)
  6. St1ckM4n

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    Maybe try the Half Life series? HL1 edges you into it very gently at first, and it's cheap.

    Just watch out for the flying headcrabs! :D
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  7. Relic

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    The Half-Life series (1 & 2 + episodes) is a great and a must play classic imo. I recommend giving that a try, especially if it goes on sale.
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  8. Dawn1113

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    Give it some time and I'm almost sure you'll find FPS games just as enjoyable as RPGs. :) I play FPS games almost exclusively. Yeah, I suggest you give single-player campaigns a try first. Get used to the controls. You'll find there are but a few variations to the basic controls on FPS games.

    I agree with St1ckM4n and Relic, try the Half Life series. They're quite good.

    Don't worry about not knowing where the shots are coming from when playing multiplayer. Once you learn the terrain, you'll be making those kinds of shots yourself. ;)
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  9. Bisley

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    Online FPS tend to also have a lot of hackers in them exploiting and such, so it can be kind of overwhelming to play and frustration. I know that PS2 is having some trouble with Hackers right now.

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