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Aug 12, 2016
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  1. So I'm wanting to build my first pc I want to keep most of my cost per item under 100 dollars. I'm thinking of using my intel i3 processor from my current computer but buying other new parts here is what I have thus far.


    Power Supply :

    Optical Drive :

    Hard Drive :

    Graphics Card :


    Motherboard :

    I order all my stuff from amazon due to discounts and such plus free shipping and other reasons. Any suggestions to alternative parts that are better than what I have currently listed. But still under the 100$ mark. the case I will not change due to it comes with 5 fans preinstalled and for price I cant beat that as far as I know.
  2. Jmaster0921

    Jmaster0921 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    P.S this build will be used for World of Warcraft I want to run the game as high as possible without lag and without breaking the bank each part will be bought separately. those who know what runs best for specifically wow would be most appreciated looking forward to hearing from everyone.
  3. EndlessWaves

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    Amazon redirect me to the same item locally so if some of the comments below are nonsensical they may have gotten it wrong.

    You've specified DDR3 for a motherboard that only takes DDR4 so that won't work. Unless your current i3 is a 6100, 6300 or 6320 then that won't be compatible either.

    You don't give any details of your current computer, but chances are you can reuse the DVD drive and hard drive with less performance impact than keeping the processor.

    I don't know what your local prices for the GT 730 DDR3 are but around here it's a substantially slower card than ones costing not much more like an R7 360, 750ti or RX 460. If it is much cheaper locally than those then you also want to check the prices of the faster versions with GDDR5 memory.

    Also, isn't world of warcraft just a few weeks away from releasing a new and more demanding expansion pack? Trying to predict how a game is going to run before it's release can be difficult.
  4. Jmaster0921

    Jmaster0921 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok so what about this:


    Power supply:


    Graphics card:



    I changed out the parts you said wouldn't work and re did most of my searches deleted the need for a HDD and Optical due to reusing mine. is this compatible? I know the graphics card still says DDR3 but the hook ups don't look any different from the DDR4 versions will this still need to be changed from a DDR3 to a DDR4 graphics card?
  5. Jmaster0921

    Jmaster0921 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    And btw the other graphics cards listed are more expensive by 30$+ till u get to the 750ti which is a good 50 to 60$+ and the RX 460 are way up there at 100 to 160$+ of the normal 63.99 for the one I have linked.
  6. EndlessWaves

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    I can't see any compatibility issues

    There's no such thing, no graphics card has used DDR4 yet. The GT 730 is available with either DDR3 or GDDR5.

    You may see a few listed as GDDR3 but that's likely a typo as GDDR3 was an older DDR2-based technology.

    I'd seen these benchmark about how the GT 730 GDDR5 compared to the HD 530 integrated graphics and other low end chips:

    You can click two lines to get a percentage difference between them. Around here the GT 730 GDDR5 is around 80% of the price of a 360/750 so not worth buying which such substantially lower performance.

    Different cards suffer from different amounts from being fitted with slower DDR3 instead of GDDR5 memory so I wasn't sure what difference it made to the GT 730. I've just gone looking and uh, well:

    The first link shows the HD 530 integrated graphics of the CPU you're considering running at 65-75% of the speed of the GT 730 GDDR5, the second link shows the GT 730 DDR3 running at 60-70% of the speed of the GT 730 GDDR5.

    Installing that card might actually reduce game performance.

    I also discovered that Blizzard has posted system requirements for the new WoW expansion pack:

    'Recommended' is a 260X or 750ti which are very slightly faster than a 360/750. They don't specify what recommended means (it can vary) but the best case scenario for you is that those are the requirements for Ultra at 1920x1080 so unless you've got a tiny monitor or run it in a small window then you'll want at least a 360/750 to meet your Ultra requirement. You may need to look at something much faster if the post-release benchmarks show that those recommended settings are only to play the game without big compromises in image quality.

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