Playing as Magneto in Grand Theft Auto V is as awesome as it sounds

Shawn Knight

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Marvel Comics’ Magneto is now a fully playable character in Grand Theft Auto V thanks to the latest work from master modder JulioNIB. It sounds awesome in theory but as the demo video highlights, it’s even better in practice.

The script mod enables virtually every superpower Magneto possesses. You can fly, create a bullet shield and pull off various melee attacks but the real fun, of course, involves manipulating the environment around you.

Taking command of cars and creating a metal storm is easy. Pull lampposts and wind turbines from the ground and hurl them at innocent bystanders. Heck, you can even snatch a plane out of the sky and thrust it at a helicopter or derail a train.

Another of Magneto’s tricks – pulling a gun from an enemy, turning it around on them and ending their life – is also possible. There’s even a metal things manager that lets you customize how various objects react to your newfound magnetic abilities.

To give it a try for yourself, head over to JulioNIB’s website and follow the setup instructions.

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Uncle Al

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That looks pretty cool .... I'll have to fire up the old game and try it out ......


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Um... cool, but the cape being as rigid as plywood is not.
If it is possible to have the view as 1st person, it might be better. Seeing only the hands could be enough.


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That video gave me enough motivation to buy the game. It's on sale at Steam till September 10.

mark kram

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I wonder how many gamers and comic book enthusiasts know what a magneto really is. Hint one is used on every small 4 stroke or 2 stroke engine.