Playing video on my TV from my computer

By TorturedChaos
Dec 7, 2009
  1. Well I have done this before from my laptop, and also from my computer that is sitting right next to the TV. But my laptop is acting up, and the computer next to the TV is the one I am letting my roommate use. So I wanted to play them from mine.

    So my TV is a walmart special Sanyo, but it does have an S-Video in port on the back. And hey, my EVGA GeForce 9800GT card has an S-video TV-out port. Got my self a 12ft 4pin s-Video cord (as 4-pin is what my TV has), hooked them up. set it to display on my monitor and my tv and I get some flickers, where I can kinda seem my desktop background in the on it. Then I get a blue screen. I did manage to get it to display once, watch half an eps of an anime, then it went back to blue screen for no reason >_<

    so I have played around with all the settings I have in both the nVidia control panel and all the settings in the windows xp settings and tried all sorts of combination and well all I can some flickers, and crashed the nVidia driver once :(

    So I went over to my other computer that has a Geforce 7300 in it, and as far as i can tell the settings I have setup for my 9800GT are the same as the 7300. 7300 works with the dual display on the TV, 9800GT doesn't

    so any ideas? any third party software that might help me?
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