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Please help asap - Infected with a form of redirect virus

By Illmatic494
May 8, 2009
  1. I seem to be having a problem a few of the members here at this site have already ran into (judging from previous threads I've read), so hopefully you all will be able to help me, as my computer has been infected with this virus for - at this point - over a week, I believe.

    As far as symptoms go, whenever I attempt to use Firefox (my default browser), I keep getting redirected to random websites.I can access websites fine, but whenever I'm actually at a websites home page and have to click on another link in order to be brought to another page, a new window/tab will automatically open and - in the progress bar at the bottom of the screen - will say "Waiting for Google-redirect.com..." and then it'll switch to "waiting for...." then a random website name.

    I normally never let the website load, as I'm afraid it'll just be a page infected with more viruses, so I usually close them out right away.

    While I'm not redirected 100% of the time, I'd say at this point I'm redirected to random websites at around 75%/80%.

    In addition to the above, my computer is also running incredibly slow.

    I've followed the 8-Step program provided here at TechSpot, and I've ran MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware several times (most recent log is attached). Whenever I run it, it always finds a minimum of 7-10 problems still infected in my computer. Even when I remove them, they usually come back whenever I run a scan.

    As far as my default anti-virus software, Symantec, whenever I try and run scans for that it doesn't find any infections at all.

    I've also downloaded and ran SUPERAntiSpyware - the first time I ran it it detected over 300 infections. Most were simple Tracking Cookies, but regardless I had them all quarantined automatically through the software. However, more infections keep appearing whenever I run the software.

    All of the most recent logs for the above are attached to this message. Judging from the many, many, many times I have ran all of these programs and removed/quarantined infected files, I'm very doubtful - hopeful, but doubtful - that they will show anything extremely detrimental to you guys. I'm crossing my fingers that they are helpful, but like I said, I've ran these anti-virus programs time and time again and they don't seem to be doing any good.

    Please read and respond to this thread as soon as possible. I'm afraid that whenever I reboot (as the anti-virus programs usually require in order to remove viruses) more of my computer becomes infected. I am no computer expert, but that seems to be the trend, as things seem to be getting worse day after day.

    Originally I thought that this was just the Google-redirect virus, but from what I've read that only affects search engine. With my problem, any link I click is subject to redirection, which makes surfing the internet nearly impossible. So please, if any of you could help it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    If you are still getting the redirects after completing the 8 steps then run Superantispyware in Safe Mode....That should remove the browser hijacks.
  3. nanobox99

    nanobox99 TS Rookie

    im having the same problem, some please help me too. check out my post to see my Hijack this log. thanks
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