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By joshuarowley42
Mar 16, 2005
  1. Can anyone please help me understand a bit about linux, and what hardware i need to run it. Do i have to have a certain base to run it on, like DOS...
    which one is the best for a begginer, and are there ones for almost all computer needs.???

  2. Nodsu

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    Some form of Linux will run on any PC above a 286 and at least on all other major computer architectures from 1990 to pesent.

    No base needed.

    To a beginner I would recommend Mandrake or SuSE or maybe Fedora (Those need a machine from this century though).
    Knoppix and the SuSE CD version run off a single bootable CD so you can try them out without needing to install anything.

    All major Linux distributions will do everything a normal person would ever want a computer to do.
  3. joshuarowley42

    joshuarowley42 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    but what dosent it do, and how much softwrae is there availble for it
  4. luvr

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    To a beginner, I usually suggest SUSE; even Mandrake or Fedora users seem to find that an acceptable suggestion.

    Linux won't generally run Windows software, although there are options (e.g., Wine) to try and tweak it so it will run at least some Windows software packages.

    Most Linux distributions come with tons of software out of the box - media players, office suites, CD recording software, etc.

    One type of media won't play on a standard Linux distro: commercial DVDs, since their contents is almost always encrypted; even so, there are packages available to add support for these types of disks after all (but don't tell the MPAA... ;) ).

    One limitation of Fedora is that it doesn't come with support for NTFS file systems and MP3 audio files; activating this support isn't awfully hard to do, but you probably won't want to try it until you get at least a little familiar with the system. So, if NTFS and/or MP3 support is important to you, Fedora may not be your best choice as a first Linux distro; otherwise, adding the support will be an interesting and satisfying experience.
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