Please Help Slow & Infected PC

By sarahecho
Apr 28, 2008
  1. Hi :wave:

    I’m really hoping somebody can help me with this. We had AVG installed on my PC, and everything was going fine. I then had an AVG update which happened at the start of my problems :suspiciou . I am now getting adverts popping up every time I open IE and the PC is running very slowly, occasionally freezing altogether.

    I have downloaded Spyhunter (the free version) and both Spyhunter and ACG have found various items. I have absolutely no idea how to get rid of them, and I am assuming that they might well be the cause of my issues?!

    I am not very techinie (although have recently learnt a lot):confused: . Really could do with any assistance possible to help clear my PC of these problems and keep it as clean as possible. I've attached a couple of screenshots of the resuts of scans.

    Thank you:)
  2. kingcomp

    kingcomp TS Rookie

    From the description of the issue, it sounds like you have the SmitFraud. If you do a search on SmitFraud fix, (you may want to do it on another computer). It will show a program written by Siri. Download this program and follow the instructions on the screen. Even if I am wrong and you have something else, this process will not harm your computer. Also a word of caution Siri is French and that may be how it comes up at first if you prefer English, there is an option L (the one after 5 and before Q) that changes the language.

    Good luck
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