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By rmrt
Jan 8, 2009
  1. long time ago i was editing my windows because of youtube (i saw a video about how to change the start icon) and i didn't make any backups I changed the explorer.exe file and put some explorerhack.exe that i made, then i modify regedit so windows start explorerhack instead of explorer, The problem is that now i cant find the regedit i need it to unmodify it cuz i need the explorer.exe to install something (it tells me "windows canĀ“t find EXPLORER:EXE file berify bla bla bla bla) what can i do?

    PS my windows isn't original so i dont have the disc

    (sorry for the capitalized explorer.exe but i wrote it just like it appears in the error)
  2. BlkHeartWolf

    BlkHeartWolf TS Rookie Posts: 151

    can you Cntrl/ALT/Delete and call the task manager ?

    Do you have a copy of explorer.exe?
  3. Jorduss

    Jorduss TS Rookie

    Maybe you could get a rescue disk.
    That will replace the file and normally you will be able to keep all your files and not have to reinstall.
    Check the answer on here for instructions of getting a rescue disk if you dont fix the problem some other way. :
    Hope you get it sorted :)
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