Please rate my current (very, very bad setup) and give me advice

Hello there, my name is Adriousleroi.
I'm French, from Bordeaux, and I live in Japan since 2006.
Nice to meet you all.

This is my first message, but do not hesisate to make a fool of me.
I was born broken and lived a broken life, so I was never able buy decent parts.
I really enjoy online gaming and video editing (urbex in Japan), but I know nothing much about computers.

I made my own PC using information here and there, please have a look:

For the last few years, I was working like a dog so I couldn't spend a lot of time on my computer, so some (all?) parts are like, really old.
Some games run decently, but Battle Royale games for instance are completely impossible to play, even if I put ALL the settings on low quality and high performance.
You could imagine the lag I get when running a few applications at the same time, a video editing software or games that ask for a lot of resources.
Could you rate, kindly or harshly, my setup?
Also, could you tell me which part I should change right away?
I would be very grateful if you had some tips like:
-I haven't overclocked or touched anything in the BIOS, do you have any configuration advice?
-Are there obvious tweak I should do to run my system/games/video editing faster?

I have a budget of 100 € every month, and I thought that changing the hard disk would be top priority. Like, a FireCuda or Baracuda I hear so much about.

Thanks in advance, I'm really looking forward reading you guys!



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Are you using all the parts listed or just the ones marked for purchase? Because the link only shows the CPU, HDD, and OS marked for purchase.


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First thing I would consider is replacing the GPU. Assuming your PSU power is high enough to handle an upgrade. The i3 could use an upgrade. But I think your main bottleneck for playing Battle Royale games is the GPU. However I could be mistaken, so wait for a second opinion.


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It is good to get a SSD ( Solid State Drive ) as it doesn’t have any moving parts like the Hard Drives do, It is completely silent, durable, and is faster than a hard drive.
Best budget SSD would have to be the Samsung 860 EVO but it’s about $80.00 AUD for a 250GB.
one of the flaws with it though is the inability to recover data. It is permanently and completely deleted from the SSD, So be careful what you are deleting.


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GPU all the up for a GTX 1650 Super---get that then use it as long as you can (You might get another 2 or 3 years) then you can roll a whole new system and sell that one completely. Come back here for advice before you buy. You can use PCPartpicker and then we can advise you what you need to change. A SSD is a good idea too, but one step a time. A SSD won't help much on frame rate but it does help on load times. I prefer the Samsung EVO and it comes with easy to use software (Samsung Data Migration Tool) that lets you make a complete copy of your whole system on to the new SSD drive (Even if the new SSD is smaller) without reinstalling everything. This technique is called imaging =)
I heard that WD(Western Digital) hdd are better than Seagate, so I reccomend you WD BLUE 1 TB. I am using it.
Don't buy win 10 home edition, you can download it from microsoft web site and install it at your system for free(with activation banner of course) or you can use the Linux. You can spend this money for getting better video card like 1650 or 1660. I don't tell which one cuz you need to select according to your opinion.