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Please read my Hijacklog, had some problems and I'm not sure if my PC is clean now

By Everfades
May 31, 2009
  1. Hi there :)

    At first, my os is Windows XP Prof. Service Pack 3. I had a bunch of problems.
    My taskmanager was deleted (the taskmgr.exe wasn't there anymore) Good thing I always make backups from taskmgr.exe regedit.com regedit.exe regedit32.exe and msconfig :p The same was with regedit, just not there anymore, so I just copied my backupfile too :)
    The only thing which the scans showed me was an "could be an infections" for a file win /windows called cmdlineext03.dll. No normal windows file and not needed by any of my programes, so I tried to delete it. It sayed can't be deleted, in use. I checked which process it injects and found out that it was explorer.exe Because I had a problem with a 0kb file some time ago I still had unlocker on my PC which fixed the problem and so I was able to delete the cmdlineext03.dll ^^
    Next problem is, that all the stuff from systemcontrol (or is it called like that, I'm from Germany, so I don't know all the words^^) just doesn't work. I can't open up software, can't open up sound thingy or all the graphics stuff (desktop background etc.).
    I think they maybe got deleted too?

    Oh yeah, and wndows update tells me to install service pack 2, so it's kinda got "downgraded" or something. What exactly would windows repair do? Do I still have all the drivers after it? Then I would just use it^^ If not I hope there is some other way. Anyway, Maybe there iss till some kinda worm or Virus on my harddrive which I would like to delete before I do anything else. Oh yeah, I have installed Vista Inspirat 2 a day ago and deinstalled it after because I liked my hyperdesk theme more. I don't know if this can cause problems.

    At last there aren't any problems using other things. I can still play, use word and power point, use programs, install and uninstall stuff, etc. But it kinda pisses me off that I can't use my soundmanager^^

    (Oh yeah, I would like to know if I have done everything right^^)

    (posted the new Hijack log in my newer post)
  2. touch

    touch TS Rookie Posts: 978

  3. Everfades

    Everfades TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Here are the new logs :) They were made with the 8step guide after I used the repair windows function. Everything is working now but I don't know why the hell the regedit.com got infected. (as I said, I used my backup regedit.com after the old one was deleted, the backupfile isn't infected O.o (located on D:/backups) Anyway, regedit.exe is still working fine (they are both the same files just with other edings^^ Or at least they should have been, now I moved the .com in the quarantaine).
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