Poor in-home streaming with Linksys Velop


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Hi all,

Recently we switched from the dreadful BT (UK ISP) to a full fibre connection and with the switch we were given a new router, the Linksys Velop.

I use Steam Link to stream games from my gaming desktop to an iPad Pro. Since the switch from BT’s free Smart Hub 2 to the Linksys Velop the stream quality and stability has dropped sharply.

Now the previous router we were using was not exactly known for high performance and the Linksys is meant to be reasonably decent, so I’m wondering are there any settings I should be aware of which could be causing this drop?

The previous router could maintain a solid 4k (downscaled to iPad resolution) at 60fps, GPU allowing.

The choppiness is seen when I’m streaming with the router in the same room, so interference and splitting the 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies are unlikely to solve.