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By JeromeFree ยท 11 replies
Sep 1, 2016
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  1. Hi, questions for the publishers here, how do you monetize your website? which networks do you prefer? CPM? CPA? what kind of ads give you higher revenues? Pop under? Banners?
  2. romainB

    romainB TS Enthusiast Posts: 38

    Adsense for banners, Ad Maven for pops and lightbox. I don't use CPA networks anymore, I get a lot more from CPM.
  3. HiImTim

    HiImTim TS Enthusiast Posts: 36   +10

    CPM for sure. Popunders gives me the highest revenues.
  4. DLBU1

    DLBU1 TS Rookie

    Hi, now I'm testing several ad networks, I'll update when I have results in a while.
  5. Wendy Oltman

    Wendy Oltman TS Booster Posts: 129   +16

    PPC and CPM are the best for me. My conversion rate to my website is great especially with banner ad impressions.
  6. DLBU1

    DLBU1 TS Rookie

    Which ad network do you use?
  7. Wendy Oltman

    Wendy Oltman TS Booster Posts: 129   +16

    Adsterra network. Are you using any as of now?
  8. romainB

    romainB TS Enthusiast Posts: 38

    I didn't make good money with Adsterra. Popads were better and now I'm using Ad Maven which are much better for me.
  9. Wendy Oltman

    Wendy Oltman TS Booster Posts: 129   +16

    Could you tell me more about Ad Maven? Like how it works and all.
  10. DLBU1

    DLBU1 TS Rookie

    I also trying now Ad-Maven. They show very good results. I don't know to explain everything they do but they give me the oppertunity to show ads also to users who have ad-block (they bypass it somehow) and from what they say they have machine learning system that knows how to show each user the best ad so they are able to give high CPM rates.
  11. bluejolls

    bluejolls TS Booster Posts: 115   +8

    Yes popads and propeller is best for pop traffic...
  12. SomeGuy1

    SomeGuy1 TS Rookie

    Currently I use on my site Taboola and Ad-Maven which you guys recommended here - they are working very well for Pop under.

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