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Pop-Ups, Registry Errors, please help

By jfranke03
Dec 7, 2008
  1. So a few days ago my computer started going a little crazy. I'm not sure what happened because I didn't go to any cites that I don't usually visit. But anyways, I keep getting random pop-ups... but not the normal kind, like one popped up and it was a random search on e-bay for cowboy pictures. I also have spybot search and destroy, the version that alerts you when there's a change and let's you allow or deny the change. Well every minute or so a new change jumps up that says registry change, new entry {GRAoih ath23498 y}, or something crazy like that. Needless to say I'm not good enough with computers to know what to allow or deny, and then eventually it doesn't even give me the option to deny them. I also can't change my security settings on my comp. I go to control panel and try to switch it, but it never remains how I changed it to. Lastly, for some reason my computer won't let me do a System Restore, I go to system restore and instead of having a choice of what day, it only gives me one choice (from this morning) that says "Last Known Good Configuration". I'd appreciate anyone's help!


    hey there,
    most malware infections infect system restore and delete entries to force a user to use bad(infected) restore points. this is why system restore is normally only useful if you have driver issues. so my suggestion to you is download a 30-day trial of NOD32 AV from (google: eset, since i cant post a link) its by far the best anti-virus and it also checks for spyware. if you cant clean your system with that then i would just reload windows. its normally the safest approach to riding yourself of malware. make sure you backup all of your files and data and do a through virus scan after reloading. hope this helps you...
  3. jfranke03

    jfranke03 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    my computer actually isn't letting me download anything either? i looked at that 8-step process thing, but my computer won't let my download any new programs??
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