Popcorn Time adds free built-in VPN to anonymize users' torrenting


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The original Popcorn Time project may have been short-lived upon pressure from big media groups, but the idea behind it lived on through a handful of spinoffs. One of them, Time4Popcorn, has been hard at work adding new features, from TV shows to an Android app. The latest? A free VPN option.

The new feature will certainly please anyone who’s been wary of using the app due to copyright holders monitoring sharing activities.

Watching a movie on Popcorn Time is essentially the same as torrenting, except instead of where you'd normally download one big movie file before you’re able to watch it, you get to stream the content as it downloads. And instead of searching torrent and subtitles sites for movies and shows, everything is packaged under a clean and straightforward UI.

The end result is a Netflix-like experience without the monthly fees -- and fresher content. But just as with other BitTorrent clients you are also seeding the files to other users and thus are liable to the wrath of media industry lawyers. This already resulted in fines for German Popcorn Time users.

With the addition of a VPN option users can now anonymize their use of Popcorn Time -- or at least make it that much harder to track. The service will be offered for free by VPN provider Kebrum. Speaking with TorrentFreak, the company says it believes “Popcorn Time is the revolution that will change the entertainment industry forever”, and even if they have to pick up the bill they can justify the investment due to the brand exposure they’ll get.

The new feature is available in the latest 4.2 Alpha release for Windows. Other clients should be getting it too as it moves to the beta and stable releases.

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