Pornhub wants people to stay at home, offers free premium subscriptions to everyone

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Earlier this month, Pornhub announced it was offering free access to its premium service to all Italian citizens after the nation was put on lockdown. The adult site made the same generous offer to Spain and France. Now, with so many countries under quarantine, Pornhub is giving away Premium access to everyone up until April 23, and no credit card details are required.

"With nearly one billion people in lockdown across the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that we lend a hand and provide them with an enjoyable way to pass the time," said Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub. "We hope by expanding our offer of free Pornhub Premium worldwide, people have an extra incentive to stay home and flatten the curve."

Normally priced at $9.99 per month, Pornhub’s premium services include access to HD-quality videos without ads. You can get the free subscription by visiting the “StayHomehub” website, where you’ll be asked to self-isolate or regularly wash your hands and maintain social distance. You can then sign up with an email address, username, and password.

Pornhub is doing more to help in the battle against Covid-19 than letting people watch more adult videos. The company is giving its models an 85 percent payout from Pornhub and Modelhub video sales during April. It’s also donating $25,000 to the Sex Workers Outreach Project, which will help those impacted by Covid-19.

Outside of the adult film industry, Pornhub is donating 50,000 masks to various New York health centers and firefighters. It has also donated €50,000 to European organizations to purchase additional masks.

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Stay home, incentivized by watching porn (their words.)

We have truly reached the height of our civilization. It's all downhill from this triumphant peak.
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