Ports not forwarding

By evilwebster
Feb 20, 2009
  1. I own a SMC 7004 VWBR router.

    I've setup port forwarding using the directX ports so that games that use directplay will work. It doesn't. When I attempt to connect to someone using these games the router blocks thier IP adress. When I attempt to host, if it does decide to show my external IP adress within the application, and they try to connect to me the router blocks thier IP adress.

    Of course I do what one would naturally think to do. I put the computer in the DMZ of the firewall. This STILL doesn't work. Now the game sees only my internal IP adress and not my external IP adress yet this computer is no longer behind the firewall of the router. WTF??

    Windows firewall is disabled. I do not have any antivirus or security programs. Router Firewall is enabled. UPNP is enabled on the firewall. DHCP is enabled on the router. The game I'm trying to run is Close Combat V: Invasion Normandy it uses directplay.

    I have tried every configuration I can think of. Turning the router firewall off. Taking my computer out of the DMZ and leaving the firewall on. Turning UPNP off and the firewall on with the... etc, etc, etc.

    WTF do I do? All I want is my game to see my external IP address and my router to stop blocking IP addresses that are trying to gain access through ports I've forwarded.... Right?

    Someone PLEASE HELP ME.
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