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By cableman
Mar 15, 2009
  1. I have followed the 8 step plan and here are my logs. The problem I am having is that a popup window continously pops up in internet explorer with the message: "scripts are usually safe to run. do you want to allow scripts to run?".
    It keeps internet explorer from being able to run properly but it has also popped up a few times in realplayer while I was playing music.
    I really appreciate this forum and any help that I receive.
  2. cableman

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    Popup Problem

    I want to add something about my problem. I thought that I might be able to find the problem in my preferences but when I tried to access them I got a message saying that " this service is blocked seen system administrator". Well, I am the administrator and I am the only one that uses this computer and I haven't done anything on purpose to cause this. It doesn't affect firefox which is my main browser but I am afraid it will start effecting the rest of my system. Could it be some kind of browser hijacker or has my preferences been altered somehow?
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