Power failure, system does not power up, really need some advice

By Gwynebeanz
Aug 24, 2009
  1. Hey, I don't normally ask for advice on forums as usually the problems I have had are already fixed on forums such as these ones, but recently I've hit a really annoying bump.

    I've recently upgraded my system to make better use of my audio recording equipment and programs such as InDesign and Photoshop. I bought a new CPU setup and it worked better than I had imagined, even some games that I thought I'd never play I've already completed without hassle, no slowing, none of that, so on that note I'd like to say well done AMD!

    Now the problems started with my new graphics card, a few months after buying it the fan goes nuts, lots of noise, really annoying. I usually leave my PC on overnight and the fan hit a point where it would speed up, make lots of noise, stop and repeat. So I would then block the fan from spinning, turn off the graphics card, sometimes the whole PC and go to sleep. This never seemed to harm the card as it would work brilliantly when I let the fan go. Then it started to overheat, for example, games would start slowing, I would put my hand near the GPU and it would be searing! I found other ways to cool it down, such as a massive fan pointed into an open PC but I couldn't understand why the fan wouldn't spin, or at least the heatsink be sufficient enough for the PC's sleep/night tasking state. However, this is a simple problem, easily fixed by making sure I keep the GPU cool until I find a new fan, then something horrific happened.

    I come back from a night out, watch a film on my PC, stop the film half way through and fall asleep. I wake up, my PC is off and will not power up in any way. I took out the GPU straight away and had noticed the fan was clearly not spinning last night because it had all warped and melted. It's easily a cause of a restart or a sudden power loss but checking through systems inside it's hard to find anything wrong anywhere else. The CPU is fine and there's nothing wrong physically on the board. I took out the PSU and checked anything that resembles a fuse, nothing's blown, this was confirmed by doing my own little test (by plugging my external soundcard into the USB and adding power to the system, you hear a boom when the TASCAM receives power and sends a signal to the speakers). The motherboard, as far as the USB, recieves power.

    Now I'm bummed, I don't know what to do next and I've tried searching up on topics similar. They're usually from around 2005 and beforehand, where PSU's usually are the culprit or the motherboard has blown in some way. These newer systems I have now I don't understand as well and it's hard to tell if I could fix it, or have to replace something. I really don't want to replace anything as I can't afford to until a month from now. If something needs to be replaced however, please help me figure out what, money is tight so I'd like to crack this problem on the head.

    Thanks and I hope you get back to me soon.
  2. Kcircyrd

    Kcircyrd TS Rookie Posts: 216

    Your warped and melted video graphics is pure evidence that you have to upgrade the video card, and deal with your computer cooling system at the same time.
    First, disassemble your CPU from your CPU fan so you can replace the thermal paste with the thinnest possible layer that will enable the cpu to connect with the cooling fan assembly.
    Then look at the amount of dust, dirt, fibres and hair. Are air ports blocked?
    You might want to replace the CPU fan as wll. It is smart to replace all fans every year or so.
    The cost of cooling fans is low. They might be next on your budget for replacment.
    You may not be able to afford it, but I would not run the computer until you can do some simple upgrades.
  3. Gwynebeanz

    Gwynebeanz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey thanks for the response, I'll definatly have to be replacing the GPU, for now I'll be using the onboard graphics just to get my work done until I can afford a gaming standard one. The CPU fan is brand new as it came with the new motherboard and just to be sure, I'll be getting some extra fans as I've had a problem like this before, but not as extreme, due to heatwaves and such and my stifling room as a result.

    Can anyone recommend a good PSU?

    I know I'll have to replace it, it is a very old Mercury 400W and likely has given up on life and is quite possibly the cause of my current problem which is the lack of power up on my system (still doesn't explain why the usb's get power but it could have been capacitors at the time). If anyone knows of another way that could be cheaper for me or may have experienced this problem before and discovered it was something obviously simple I would be very happy to hear it.

    Thanks again
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