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Jul 21, 2008
  1. Alright I'm a little frustrated right now but it might actually be a good thing. I was planning to buy an ULTRA X3 800w power supply from TigerDirect.com but when I looked today it was listed as unavailable, just my luck. The unit was listed at $199.xx and came to about $215 with shipping.

    Anyways, I've been searching around and there are few retailers that sell this unit; it's been unavailable from ULTRA's online store. However, while I was browsing more listings I came across a sweet deal for the X3 1000w model, only $205. This model is listed on Tiger for $299 plus shipping. So, I just bought the unit because it was almost what I would have paid for the 800w on Tiger, came to $222 with shipping.

    My question is, 1000w is probably way overkill for my system, would a PSU this powerful (70A on a single 12v rail) damage my system's components if I were to use it anyway? I think I need a minimum of 700w for this system - Intel q6600, two 8600GT's in SLi, three hard disk drives and two DVD drives. Not a very power-hungry setup so I am a bit worried about using this PSU. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. mopar man

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    Wait for a second/third opinion, but I believe it would NOT, as the system would only draw the power needed from the PSU.
  3. SNGX1275

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    mopar is correct, the amperage is only what the unit can provide if the components require it, it is not forced to the components like voltage is.

    I don't think you needed a 700+ Watt PSU either.
  4. EXCellR8

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    Alright, thanks guys. I kinda figured that the unit would only supply the power needed but I wasn't sure if it would destroy my new components. I get what you're saying about the amperage, makes sense. I know this unit is pretty far overkill for this setup but I didn't want to take the chance with the 600w model. I like these ULTRA units because of their full modular design and flexforce cables. I am using a similar but older 500w xConnect model and it's great, so I'm sure I'll be happy with this new one. Plus, if I ever decide to further upgrade my system, I doubt I'll have to buy another PSU!

    [EDIT] Looks like this PSU can provide enough juice to a QX9770, 3 8800GTX's (overclocked), 4+ 500GB hard drives and a complete water cooling system. This thing is just gonna laugh when I turn it on with my setup.
  5. mopar man

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    I have heard that modular cabling is not a very good thing, is that true? I figured it would be because of heat, but then again.... I am not to sure. Clarification?
  6. SNGX1275

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    You lose some efficiency in the connections.
  7. EXCellR8

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    Yeah I heard that too but I haven't seen any proof. I guess it makes sense because of all the different removable/configurable connections but I would think that it wouldn't matter if you didn't use every cable. I've been using modular for a couple years and I haven't experienced any problems. I'd rather have the modular feature anyways; I can't stand having all kinds of cables I don't need, especially if I can't hide them anywhere.
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