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Prime Day 2019 sales surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined

By Shawn Knight · 13 replies
Jul 17, 2019
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  1. Prime Day 2019 will go down as the largest shopping event in Amazon history, besting last year’s summer sale for the same distinction. It’s no surprise, really, considering Amazon stretched Prime Day to a full 48 hours this year, but the results are impressive nevertheless.

    Amazon on Wednesday said members purchased more than 175 million items worldwide, scooping up everything from devices and home goods to groceries and televisions. It was the biggest event ever for Alexa devices with screens, Kindle devices and Fire tablets. In the US alone, more than 200,000 TVs, 300,000 headphones and 100,000 laptops were sold.

    According to Amazon, Prime members collectively saved more than a billion dollars during the two-day event. The company welcomed more new Prime members on July 15 than any previous day in history (and nearly as many on July 16), making them the two biggest days ever for new member signups. Of course, this stat likely includes trial memberships so not all will convert to full-time, paying members once the free period expires.

    Amazon wasn’t the only one to benefit from Prime Day. Large US retailers – those with $1 billion or more in annual sales – saw a 64 percent spike in online sales on July 15 compared to a typical Monday according to data from Adobe Analytics.

    Masthead credit: Amazon Prime Day 2019 cardboard box by dennizn

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  2. OutlawCecil

    OutlawCecil TS Evangelist Posts: 696   +500

    Was it just me or were the sales this year a little lame? I browsed through every page and most items were 20% off or less which isn't shockingly-low prices to me. Seems more like everyday sales, just on many items. I am tracking prices on about 30 items and not a single one got a sale. Everything I bought were things I needed to buy anyways, and simply bought because I was already on Amazon. I wonder what % of sales is simply because people were already there looking for deals, but didn't get any.
  3. R00sT3R

    R00sT3R TS Guru Posts: 166   +354

    No 9900K for $200...Pfft, waste of time sale.

  4. ForgottenLegion

    ForgottenLegion TS Guru Posts: 420   +422

    Yes I found it lackluster this year.

    Last year I easily spent 3x what I did this year. Oh well, more money in my pocket this time round :p
  5. Lew Zealand

    Lew Zealand TS Guru Posts: 752   +643

    I don't remember what I bought last year but was only really tempted by $182 for the Crucial 2TB MX500. I already have the 2TB SSDs I want and bought for not much more than that so I couldn't justify buying another for minimal savings. They'll get there by the time I want another anyway.
  6. texasrattler

    texasrattler TS Evangelist Posts: 737   +293

    This just shows how many people that think there were good sales when there actually really wasn't. Some of these sales I saw just last week. So hardly a deal. While there were some decent to good deals the majority were the usual. Meaning that they could/can be found throughout the year. I don't see that as a good deal. Good deals should be well a good deal that can't be found at any other time or place. Just wasn't the case. Best Buy, Frys and Microcenter all had the same or better deals than Amazon. Example, Microcenter sold the 2018 MacBook Air for $969.99 where Amazon had it for $999.99, plus BB and others would match it.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  7. EClyde

    EClyde TS Evangelist Posts: 1,865   +695

    I din buy nuffin
    toooooot and Skjorn like this.
  8. Skjorn

    Skjorn TS Maniac Posts: 371   +208

    Prime in general is trash. Prime Days was a reflection of that.

    I seent no deals. If that's what they sell it for that's what it's worth.
    toooooot likes this.
  9. poohbear

    poohbear TS Maniac Posts: 308   +213

    The LG 55" OLED TV for $950 was a pretty damn sweet deal.
  10. ziffel66

    ziffel66 TS Member Posts: 19   +11

    Of course it did. Every website on the internet gave them sh!t tons of free advertising.
  11. amghwk

    amghwk TS Guru Posts: 542   +330

    People will buy more when there's a "SALE" banner, irrespective of actual price drop percentage.
    toooooot likes this.
  12. toooooot

    toooooot TS Evangelist Posts: 879   +425

    There were some very good deals. I always wanted to try a razer mouse, and there was one for 35 bucks
  13. Skjorn

    Skjorn TS Maniac Posts: 371   +208

    I was looking for a logitech but nothing. Looked at fish finders, bait coolers, nothing. But that $11 off that $100 hammock had me drooling.
  14. MasterMace

    MasterMace TS Booster Posts: 89   +52

    $300 off new phones - S10plus was 30%, S10 was 33%

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