Printer lag

By ntoren
Oct 3, 2008
  1. I have a new HP printer model J4550, bought for $40 at Costco. When I send a document to the printer from my laptop it takes a good 15 seconds before the printer starts working. However, when I scan a document it begins very quickly. 15 seconds is not an eternity, obviously, but would love to speed it up. I have a Lenovo Think Pad running Vista 32 bit, documents run through a couple usb cables (regular plus 10 ft. extension cable).

    Am I SOL because I got a cheap printer/have too much cable? Is there a spooling setting or something I can adjust?
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    Firstly confirm the Printer Drivers are up to date. -> Here

    Yes you can change the settings in Printer Properties (in Control Panel) to Print directly to the Printer. But using this setting, means the document must remain open until Printing finishes (as it is printing directly from it)
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