Printer wont accept third party cartridges, even with a bit of scalpel work

By SoIdidItAgain
Jul 31, 2005
  1. Hi, My Epson stylus 895 printer goes through colour cartridges pretty often and the price of original Epson replacements is a nonsense, so recently purchased some third party cartridges ('PRINT-RITE' ever heard of them?).
    The black works fine, but the colour one, which is not listed on the box as being compatible but came as a pair with the black, will absolutely not work. It fits in the socket ok, absolutely free of chaffing and forcing in, but the printer display gives an error message and refuses to let anything be printed, even in just black with black selected in the menus. Running with no colour cartridge gives the same response. Went through the menus and properties screens but all changes lead to no success. The fussy 'Epson status monitor' which notified that the cartridge was not installed properly looked like a culprit, but disabling it, then even uninstalling the drivers still lead to no response. I even tried taking the little circuit board of the front of the old cartridge and put it in the new third party one, but still the printer seems aware that the new item is not genuine and will not print anything, even though there is no driver or mechanical issues apparent.
    My question is, is there any way to get this incompatible cartridge to work? Can the printer be fooled into taking a perfectly good but non-original item? And what the hell is going on??????

    P.S want to over clock a geforce 6600 some time in the future, how would this be done?? cooling is comprehensive already.

    Much appreciated guys
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