Printing with a green tint?

By tm5rto
Sep 27, 2011
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  1. Hi, everyone!

    Does anyone here familiar with what could be causing all of my printers to print with a greenish tint?

    I was using HP Photosmart printer for my photo printing for awhile. When it started to print green tint, I figured a good reason to upgrade. The newer model of HP Photosmart printer worked great for awhile, started to print green again. I got rid of them, and started to use my old Canon S600 for general printing. And now my S600, after years of great performance, started to print green also.

    Of course now I suspect that it might be one of the programs I'm using, that it might be corrupting the settings or something like that. I do still use Microsoft Picture It 2.0, even though I also have the Picture It 10. I like to use the 2.0 because to me it's more user-friendly. I use it for most of my limited photo "manipulations", including printing.

    Anyone has a good idea what the cause for the green tint is? I just don't have the time to install/uninstall different programs, play with settings, etc. I'd really appreciate some help with this!!!

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