Priority change from LPT1 to LPT3

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This is my story:

One of my customers have got a DOS Clocking (Time Management) system witch was written to print their logs to a desktop printer using LPT1.
Not so long ago the Pc and the printer got damaged by lightning and I had to replace the printer parallel port ***-well as the onboard LPT1 port on the Pc.
The Pc has been fitted with a parallel- PCI card with two ports LPT2 and LPT3.
The printer has now been connected and normal printing from windows via LPT3 is no hassle.
The DOS management system does not want to print at all since it only prints to LPT1 and that is my headache.

The computer is a standalone and not networked but the 'net use' to the local IP ( and the shared printer does not work.
I have tried the mode change, "mode LPT3>LPT1" still no luck.

Any sugestions? Anyone? Please?


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I wonder if you disabled Parallel port in Bios setup
Plus removed all parallel ports in Device Manager
What would the Parallel port number be when automatically detected on next start up?
LPT1 by chance? I hope so (but not really sure :confused: )
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