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Prison Break

By Edwin Phate ยท 19 replies
Mar 12, 2008
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  1. Anyone watch this show and your thoughts please?
  2. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,247   +448

    Great show, but you HAVE TO start from Season 1 episode 1 - if you start anywhere else you're ruining the experience.
  3. Edwin Phate

    Edwin Phate TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 140

    i just finshed watching seasons 1 and 2 practically non stop. it takes very very long to watch 44, 45 minute episodes :/.
  4. lewiswilson

    lewiswilson TS Rookie

    i am 1/2 way through season 2 slow i know
  5. d1ngess

    d1ngess TS Rookie

    I'm not surprised this show got canceled, the fourth season was incredibly boring. I really wanted to see them fun around away from people in panama again.
  6. sudesh

    sudesh TS Rookie

    i like this show
  7. AliTheBrit

    AliTheBrit TS Rookie

    Yeah i eventualy want it all on DVD, the ending very sad, did you catch the special 2 episoes they did after?
  8. Joeparker

    Joeparker TS Rookie

    I Like that show also
  9. frenchi700

    frenchi700 TS Rookie

    I have never seen the show but lots of my friends say how good it is.
    Maybe i should give it a go.
  10. Luna01

    Luna01 TS Rookie

    The same to you. I also never see it. I intent to see it too.
  11. BluStang05

    BluStang05 TS Rookie Posts: 30

    That was a great show, You have to start from the beginning
  12. djsquare1

    djsquare1 TS Rookie Posts: 20

    yes, great show
  13. atai

    atai TS Rookie

    i liked it in the beginning
  14. Nelly1690

    Nelly1690 TS Rookie

    I love this show & have seen the first 2 series & the first 5 episodes of the 3rd series.

    Unfortunately it's quite hard to find the episodes online :/
  15. MrsMagic

    MrsMagic TS Rookie

    Yes, this was a great show. You can definitely watch it.
  16. Python49

    Python49 TS Rookie

    great show!
  17. Benny26

    Benny26 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,535   +50

    I never got to see what happened past series 2 thanks to Rupert Murdoch...I was really into it aswell, thought it was a great show..and because i'de been away ages by the time it came out on DVD..I couldn't be botherd buying it lol.
  18. ansh1993

    ansh1993 TS Enthusiast Posts: 93

    it is one of my favourite tv show , Wenthworth Miller has done a great job.
  19. tommy1387

    tommy1387 TS Rookie

    great show.. to bad it ended kind of weak
  20. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 916   +24

    yeah me too, i love this show. ending is kinda not what i expected. any alternatives suggestion??

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