Pro 100 VE Network Connection Orange light on Ethernet port

By Pazuzu ยท 4 replies
Jan 17, 2009
  1. Windows XP home 2002 sv3

    router SSID: o2 wireless ED 12A1
    WEP 64bit 2D8F4367A5

    Using wired connection only

    I have had problems connecting to the internet. I have uninstalled Mozilla Firefox & am using IE . Disabled Symantec Endpoint - it was showing as having problems with malware files. Presently runing AVG - I know I cannot use two virus checkers concurrently.
    There is an orange light next to the ethernet port on the back of the tower case.Looking in control panel/system/hardware/device manager at Network adapters Intel PRO 100 VE network connections
    Should I try updating drivers ? If yes, then how do I go about doing this?

    I have already re set the router & rebooted several times in safe mode also safe mode with networking enabled.
  2. kimsland

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    Here's the easiest way:

    Mind you, you may just have a faulty Ethernet cable, please try replacing it
  3. Pazuzu

    Pazuzu TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 211

    IE Information bar Comodo & S&D

    I have tried to use the Dell site - but I am just too secure for my own good !!!
    I have followed instructions to enable downloads & active X controls on IE. For some reason - even after clicking OK & shutting browser it still blocks dell.
    S&D I can handle.
    Comodo I have just started to use - and am getting used to being warned about almost everything. Guess I will have to wait until my local support person is able to call round !!
  4. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    A faulty Ethernet cable to replace would cost significantly less than a local support person
    And Drivers are free, and always best to update.

    I would suggest you remove SpybotsSD (just in case it's blocking something)
    Reset all your Browser settings
    And update all your Drivers. Note, Dell are not interested in your Windows or computer pur se. They are only interested in confirming your machine Model number (they could not care for what the SN is either, unless you use that option)
  5. jobeard

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    Green:- good traffic
    Orange:- tcp errors

    This typically means some hardware condition,
    or the device to which it is connected​
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