Problem after rebooting computer HELP BIG TIME PLEASE!

By tpw
Mar 27, 2008
  1. I was switching to xp black and when computer reboot it was saying missign file so it was it working right . I put the window xp disk in to get back to working with regular xp i see like to files one is 1443 mb file the other is 74,000 some thing i believe the file that is 1443 mb is partition for xp black so i try both it boot a regular xp screen and it only have two icon showing and every thing is real big like in safe mode how do i use my window xp disk to boot my computer back to the regular xp and with my old stuff i havent deleted nothing any body can give me step by step i be happy i kinda worried right now lol. I HOPE I WANT NEED TO GET PHONE NUMBER TO SOME ONE TO WALK ME THREW .
  2. Matthew

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but "XP Black" is a pirated version of Windows XP which is bound with pirated software. This forum does not allow such topics to be discussed.

    If you went to install "XP Black" and you didn't create a new partition for it, congratulations, you probably deleted the partition your legit copy of Windows XP was on, and then began the installation process there. If that's the case, your data is gone. There is software out there that might be able to retrieve bits of it here and there, but, for the most part it's gone.

    If you're sure that you were using a separate partition, and your original copy of Windows XP is untouched, perhaps the boot files are just messed up. Perform a repair installation of Windows XP with the legit copy you have, or, complete the guide here.

    If the legit copy of Windows XP isn't detected, you can basically start from the top. Boot off of the legit copy of Windows XP, delete the partition "XP Black" is on and install Windows XP on that partition.
  3. XP Black is basically pirated XP with a theme installed and loads more bundled (also pirated) apps (possibly including malware). Throw it out and reinstall XP from scratch.

    -Edit: Why is "p i r a t e" filtered??? A bit pointless when "pirated" is not.
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