Problem? Just completed 8 steps on one of our accounting / qb's computers

By ascelon
Jul 6, 2009
  1. I own a small business. We do not keep IT help on staff and for the most part we have never had a problem with spyware, malware, etc. Nevertheless, when I found the 8 Step Program I wanted to give it a run and see what you all thought. Both machines run our accounting / quickbooks. None of the tests yieled results that were alarming, but then again I am no expert at interpreting the logs. I will be running the steps once more on the second computer.

    This machine runs XP Media Center (I want to format, and remove MC), SP3, 4GB ram (only 2gb recognized). The problem with it is that the machine will bog itself down randomly , cpu usage will skyrocket and that's it. It may not be mal-ware/virus related at all but I thought this would be a good start.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. raybay

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    What is the brand and model of the Media Center PC, and configuration?
    Why do you think it is only recognizing 2 GB of the four GB of memory? Does that change as you move the memory modules around?
    I would find the time to run MemTest86 on each memory module for four hours or seven passes, which ever is longer. That rules out a common problem.

    Be sure all memory slots are clean and free of dust and debris.
    as for the Scans, you have both McAfee and AVG 8... not a good idea... I would drop one.
    You also have Webroot, MalwareBytes, and SuperAntispyware... again a bit of overkill... but not harmful.
    They discovered you had Trojan.Vundo, and quarantined it...
    I would run these scans again in <SAFE MODE>, defragment, then come back with another scan.
    I would carefully check your memory installation to be sure everything is properly seated.... because Windows should detect another 1 GB of your memory unless it is bad... It will not be expected to detect the other 1 GB.
  3. ascelon

    ascelon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Bios shows 4GB ram, the error is occurring within windows the best I can see. Safe mode will only show 2GB as well. I spent several hours attempting to trouble shoot this issue after I upgraded the memory originally. I understand that windows should recognize all 4GB but it is not. This was another reason for a fresh windows install. I believe the error lies within this particular XP MC install (Dell OEM). The computer running XP MC is a Dell XPS 600 (yay for reusing old machines!) running off the shelf hardware save for the upgraded memory.

    The multiple anti-virus / anti-malware programs installed exist really only for the test. I wanted to use exactly what the test suggested so that I could provide logs. I no longer use AVG, I use the McAfee Enterprise on this and every other machine.
  4. ascelon

    ascelon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Here's the information from the other pc, running Vista Business 32bit SP1, 4gb ram...
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