Problem reinstalling Windows XP Home Edition SP3

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Oct 9, 2014
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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm having some problems reinstalling XP Home on an old Toshiba Satellite Pro M15-S405. Its an old laptop and I bought it from a computer tech who helped me create a backup of the OS when I first got it from him. So, I have my retail key for the OS along with the backup I created. Its been a few years since I have even powered it up and want to get it running so I can give it to a young woman in need. I just wanted to delete my personal files and scan the system for any problems. I used UltimateBootCD tools to make sure I deleted everything and there were no infections. Once I opened the tools and had it search the computer, I found viruses and malaware I think were attached to locations that must have affected the OS since I couldn't boot the computer after I deleted them.

    Then, I accidently inserted the wrong backup disc (for my Dell desktop running Windows XP Professional) and really messed things up. When I realized what I had done I tried using the command prompt to repair any files from using the wrong disc but when it was finished, it said to insert my Windows disc to repair my system. I inserted the original backup disc I made for it and attempted to repair. After waiting a long time, the machine restarted with the same message as before. So, I figured I would have to do a reinstallation. Actually, I thought that would be a better idea anyway since I didn't recognize some of the files my previous scan had found.

    So, I'm using the backup I created and insert the disc. Everything was going fine and it seemed as if it was going to work until the very end. In fact, it had already restarted itself once, maybe twice, which I assumed was part of the process. Then, I get an error that my disc is missing some files and setup cannot continue. I don't understand how that can be since the files on my disc came from that machine. Does anyone have any idea what I've done and how I can correct it? I already promised this machine to her and don't really want to tell her I ruined it. I'm not very good at this kind of stuff but I want to learn. Could there be a problem with the drive reading my disc? If so, I guess I would have to install using a flash drive but I have no idea how to create one.

    I also have an older Sony Vaio desktop running XP Home that I had bought for my son. Thinking it was broken he gave it back to me and I just finished cleaning all the infections it had and got it running again. I'd like to create a separate partition on the hard drive for just the OS and then create a backup of it but I don't know how on this older machine. I use Clickfree for my file backups but the only drawback is it won't backup the OS. I think it will back up just about everything else but I have to create my own discs to backup my OS. I'm thinking there should be a way for me to create a new disc from that computer but I don't think that would work since they both have different drivers, hardware, etc. I did get in touch with Sony and am buying a set of restoration discs. Still, restoration is not the same as installation so I wouldn't be able to use those. Toshiba says I can't get the restore from them.

    Can anyone tell me where I should go from here? I can't believe I messed up like this but hopefully, I can figure it out with your help.

  2. Cobalt006

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    Ok on the toshiba. If you are lucky and the recovery partition is still there. You should be able to reset it back to a factory reinstall. This link I will post will tell you how to do it. It will list win8, but will work with xp. If the recovery partition does not work you will need to get a hold of a XP disk. Most laptops from 2007 up have recovery partition.

    FAQ :: How do I reset my computer back to factory default state (System Recovery)? :: Support :: Toshiba :: Computers, Laptops/Notebooks, Tablets, Televisions, DVD and Blu-Ray Players, Camcorders, Storage, Accessories, and more

    On the sony . The restoration disk you just bought will restore the laptop back to factory. As far makeing a extra partition. You can try this.
    EaseUS Partition Master - Free Partition Magic alternative, Partition Manager Software for Windows PC and Server

    No the sony restoration disk. Will not work on the the Toshiba.
  3. dmbaker

    dmbaker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the tips. The only problem is I think I may have deleted the recovery partition when I tried the resinstall. I'm not even sure it was ever there since the laptop is older. I checked the labels and can't tell when it was manufactured. I did find a site that sells the Toshiba restore disc if you provide the key for $15. Thats great, the only problem is I've never heard of this site from the UK and the site itself got a low score for site safety so I'm a little scared to do it.

    I think the suggestion you made for the Sony will work out great. At least I will be able to make sure that one is okay. I had purchased a Windows 7 Professional upgrade from Microsoft a few years ago because they were running a special for students. I haven't used it yet but I wouldn't mind upgrading the Sony with it. Its actually a pretty good computer. Plus I have a brand new 3.5in Seagate hdd that might work with it as well.

    Thanks for responding to me. I was also thinking maybe I should install some other OS if I can't get a disc. I don't know a lot about it but I would want to install something user friendly for her. I've already lost MS office that had been installed so I'll be putting OpenOffice on it for her unless I can get back in with the tools I used on it before. I think I remember seeing a key finder on the list of tools on the UltimateBootCd. If not, its not a big deal. Open Office will work fine for her and once she's a student she should have access to the college's office by linking to their servers.

    If you have any other ideas or you don't think mine is an option please feel free to tell me. I admit I'm just beginning to learn so I could be completely off base here.

    Thanks again,

  4. Cobalt006

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    I have used this site in the past with luck. The restore disk for the toshiba might run a little more than 15.00.

    : : Welcome to : :

    If you are wanting to change the OS in the toshiba. You can try win 7. But before hand you may need to find chip set drivers and such.

    With the sony that sounds great. Upgrading it to win 7 would be a great choice. You may be able to find drivers for it on the sony web site. Using Xp now is not the greatest. Microsoft has stopped support on it.
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  5. dmbaker

    dmbaker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks so much for helping me out. I was able to find the restore discs for the Toshiba for a little under $20 but I don't mind since its specific to my model machine and also provides the drivers. So, if it turns out the machine is just too old and hardware is wearing out at least I haven't spent a lot.

    I'm glad to hear you agree that I should upgrade my Sony. I'm a bit partial to that one and have spent a lot more time on it. I've taken the entire thing apart, back together, apart again, and it seems to be doing well. I just have to figure out how I"m going to do it but I think if I add the seagate 500gb hdd to it I can use one hard drive for my OS, programs, and back ups while using the other for everything else. Not bad I guess for extra stuff I have accumulated.
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  6. mike1959

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    Hi, A few ideas that might help with these laptops.
    It's a good idea to do any backups to a hard drive off the PC, the external drives with USB connection are fine for this. (In case of C drive failure.)
    If you install some partitioning software such as Easeus, or PartitionWizard,
    you will see the restore partion, if it's there, right at the start of the C drive, could be only 10GB or so.
    It's likely that a few drivers will be missing, and I have used this program to find out which they are,
    If you scroll right down to the lower end of this page, there is a link for the free version. If you download and install this software, it will scan your pc and give a report about what is missing, the first (red) items on the list.
    It will offer to download them for you, but note it is very slow transfer rate, of course they would like you to buy the fast version, and that's a choice.
    You can use the info given to find the drivers though, very handy.
    If you want to try a different O/S where you can use Firefox, Open Office etc, there is Linux, which I run on my spare PC.
    Linux Mint is something like a cross between XP and Vista, installation disks are 'given' away on Linux magazines, very easy to install and try out.
    Linux Ubuntu is also very popular, plenty of reviews of these on YT.
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  7. Cobalt006

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    When and if you do a upgrade to win 7. You will have to do a clean install. If you need help just post back. Some or me will give you a hand.
  8. nedro

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    Hi, have fiddled with several PC Desktops & Laptops, sort of a hobby. Am now running 5 PC Desktops, Two with Windows XP Pro (I will keep one of these going just to use with my old HP Printer as the HP Printer Utility No Longer works with ANY OS Beyond XP), One with XP Home on a very old DELL Dimension which I may try upgrading to Win 7 Pro just for yucks, One Laptop with Win 7 Ultimate, One Laptop with Win 7 Pro, One Desktop with Win 7 Ultimate, and my Main Desktop running either Win 8 OEM or the New Win 10, depending on which Hard Drive I Boot From.

    When U upgrade the Laptop to Win 7 it was an an excellent suggestion to do a FULL System Backup using the Windows 7 Backup & Restore to Create a System Image. This Backup can even be created on a Network Drive (I have ALL My PCs Networked) which is a good Fail Safe if You have Hard Drive Failure for one reason or another. Another thing about this Windows System Image is that it can be Mounted as a Virtual Drive allowing you to copy any individual file(s) if they are needed.

    Another Excellent Image Backup that I have used both for XP & Vista is Acronis True Image $49.99 & worth every penny IMHO

    I don't know if you are still checking this forum as it has been almost a year, but maybe this will be helpful for someone else - BJ

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