Problem Reinstalling XP

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Mar 30, 2009
  1. I have a HP pavilion a1410n Desktop
    It comes with a seperate hard drive for PC recovery

    I once had a problem with viruses and used the pc recovery enabled on this computer , and it reset every thing to factory ( 1 year ago )

    Recently ive gotten a trojan or virus and Symantic did not do any thing , yet it "said" the problem was fixed. It continued for 2 more weeks and i turned off my desktop for the first time in a while and when i turned it back on, it booted to the log on window.
    I typed in my password and hit enter, immediately it logged off.
    I did it like 345 times and reset the pc many times and still nothing.

    So i decided to use the PC recovery. It backed up my data and the boot up screen appeared and an error comes up saying this:

    system Configuration error:
    Your system has detected a config. error. please report error to cutomer care using the phone number in the warranty and support guide that came with your pc.......unless corrected , it will prevent your pc from working......

    i have a xp bootable cd that i downloaded but when it says:

    Press any key to boot from cd:
    i pressed the space bar and it freezes up

    I have posted a hjt log , super ati spyware log and Malwarebytes log

    But no one paid no attention to it and now look what happened.....

    Using my laptop
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    I suspect you mean a Separate Partition. ie you only have one Hard drive in there?

    Also about your thread 1 week ago, because you replied to it, it may have been overlooked as, someone is on to it or something
    Generally threads with zero replies will be answered, but some are missed sometimes.
    The moral of this story is don't reply to yourself, use EDIT to add to your posts, if your post is still the last post in the thread.

    Regarding your issue, it sounds as though you may now, have an unrelated Hard drive issue. Possibly a bad partition ironically.

    I would contact HP (here they are:
    And tell them the error code you received. At the same time as doing this, I advise you are best to purchase a Recovery CD from them (at a reduced cost, usually around $20) This helps if you get Hard drive faults in future as well.
  3. ReapingDomes

    ReapingDomes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    There are 2 drives

    and D:/

    a D: drive came with the computer as a PC recovery drive.

    When the error comes up there is no number, serial or any thing to report.
    Its just an error that says configuration error blah blah .....

    I kno the cd driver is still installed because when i go to the boot menu ( pressing esc button ) it says to boot from the HDD or CD drive

    I tried to boot in safe mode , but says installation not complete.

    But i will try to send error code and download the recovery cd.
  4. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Well you can't "download the recovery CD" :rolleyes:
    You must purchase this and physically get it in the mail

    As for why you have an external Hard drive, for recovery, this is not normal. HP do not provide two drives (unless you purchased two drives of course :D)
  5. CharlieBear

    CharlieBear TS Rookie


    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Can anyone help,I followed instructions to delete my hard drive and reinstall windows but it keeps shutting down halfway through and I have to go back to the beginning. Any suggestions, I am going crazy?
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