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I've used Tidal for a while now for my music streaming, but a few months ago, it stopped playing. The problem lies with the audio output, (of course) or so it seems. Before hitting play, the audio output in the app shows my headphone amps, Chord MoJo (default) (which is the chosen amp), SPDIF output, Modi Multi-bit. After hitting the play button, nothing happens, nothing. Then the audio output in the app has changed to "system controlled", and shows none of my headphone amps. I want to use the Chord MoJo. Any ideas how to fix this, even tried rebooting. Sometimes this fixes it, sometimes it doesn't, if it works, and I shut the app down and then restart it later, it doesn't work. I really don't feel like rebooting every time, just to listen to music. I have unsubscribed over the past three or four months and then re-upped, thinking they would get this fixed. I have emailed there tech support, who have a standard list of stuff to try, all of which I had already done. After back and forth several times, they said they would hand off the problem to higher up. Never heard back. I even reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch just because of this, no help there.

I've done Google's on this, and it seems this is a problem from as long as a year ago. Not yet fixed. Oh, forgot to mention, I've used Qobuz, and am now using Amazon HD, and there is no problem whatsoever with them. I think they sound just a bit better to my old ears than Tidal, but I like Tidal's layout better, and the sound is not that much different.

Anybody got any ideas?

Edit: Forgot to mention, the Tidal Chrome page, won't play music at all, and I am signed in.


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Maybe found at least a work around for this problem, but not really to my liking.

The strange thing I forgot to mention before is that Tidal will play at the two lower streaming rates. But then if I switch back to Hi-Fi or Master, the next song doesn't play nor any thereafter.

Anyway, if I turn my outboard headphone amp off, (don't use onboard sound), then start Tidal, then after it loads fully, turn the amp back on, Tidal works. It still shows "System Controlled", but now shows the right amp and uses it. Until the next time, then have to repeat.

I think I'll keep using Amazon or Qobuz.

Thanks to everyone that at least looked at this.