Problems rebooting and starting up logs attached

By drneves7
Jun 10, 2009
  1. When I reboot my system it is a nightmare to get it back up and running again. It seems to hang right after the windows logo. I have run through the 8 steps and logs are attached.

    Okay sorry it is hanging after the log in screen. After much button mashing you can get windows to load, but after it loads it takes a good 4-5 mins at least before you are able to do anything. I am going to shut off the start up programs later and see if I can find something there. If I find something before I get some input here I will post an update.

    Thanks Dominic

    Okay it isn't hanging anymore but it is starting up REAL slow. I turned off all start up programs and it takes about 2 mins to bring up the desktop and then another 4-5 mins before I can do anything (used stop watch so not exagerating). Any help would be great.
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