Problems With Installing Windows On HD

Jun 23, 2008
  1. My Laptop Broke due to power off, i attemted a reboot which failed through freezing , this cuased everything to currupt. i made the bios boot up a disc. since then i have purchase spotmau powersuite professional 2008 ( from this i have wiped my hardrive so it is blank. from this i have partioned it to NTFS. now i am stuck of where to go. i insert a windows XP install disc and it gets to a point where it says i have no hardrives installed. what should i do ?

    please help
    Many Thanks
    Nathan Tuckey
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    i have no idea really but its wiped the hardrive so it is just blank. it is in NTFS and set active. whenever i put in the windows disc it loads up files then says "press enter to install" i press it and it then says it cannot find a hardrive. does anyone know how to partion or format a hardrive so it will be found even tho it is blank and has nothing on it ?
  4. Matthew

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