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Apr 9, 2009
  1. Hi everyone.

    I've built a computer for a company and it powered on fine, started the windows installation and missed the ACPI stuff. So I turn it off and back on, now I get no video. No beeps. I've tried multiple monitors and multiple video cards.
    So my other tech thought there wasn't enough thermal grease.

    We pulled out the processor and reapplied thermal grease. Still no show.
    Stripped it down to the bare minimum, using on-board graphics and still nothing.

    There was a spec of grease by the pins. So we're working on cleaning it out right now.

    Anyone have any suggestions for me when this fails? Because I'm certain it's not that. She powers up fine but no display. Processor fried maybe?
  2. Matthew

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    Not so sure about "fried" but a spec of grease on your contacts is definitely not good news, as it's likely conductive.

    Get that sorted and see where things stand. Given that you have access to a wide array of video cards, I can only assume you've got a few processors at your disposal among other components. After everything is clean, swap a few parts out until the culprit is found.

    You might want to try and restore default settings to the BIOS via removing the CMOS battery or something, maybe something has just gone awry if you did previously have display output via a dedicated video card and there's an integrated VGA involved. Worth a shot...
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    Culprit was the Gigabyte motherboard. Turns out the client has had the same problem before. We swapped out the motherboard and she runs fine.

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