Program not working correctly, but can't uninstall/reinstall


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I've used a program/browser plug in called DivX for a long time now, and have always loved its simplicity, but since I had to reinstall my operating system, I've been having problems getting it to work after installing it.

Basically, when I try and view a divx video in a browser, it makes the browser crash, so obviously something is wrong, however when I try and uninstall it, the progress bar just doesnt move :S and I cant run the initial setup again because it doesnt have a repair option.

I can't system restore because I've installed loads of other things since.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can fix this problem?

Many Thanks :)


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Its the DVD quality and the auto download that I like about the webplayer, but even if I do find another program, I dont want it stuck on my system, I need to remove it either way :S


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Uh, ok. Doesn't hurt to try a new free computer program, you may be surprised.

Anyway, try cccleaner.