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Mar 12, 2010
  1. Ok so yesterday my PS3 that i ordered came yesterday morning and i spent most of the day working my way around the setting and checking out PS store try a demo or 2 for my PSP. Anyway luck would have it that someone come around with a copy of MW2 so i decided to give it ago. Now i would like to add at this point that before last night that this was the first i had ever played a PS3, the first time i had played a FPS on a console online, the first time i had i played MW2 online and the last time i played a FPS on a console was the last timesplitters game. But i cannot use the damn controls well i can, everything apart from the sticks. It takes ages to move my sight over to my target using the sights, im reduced to hip firing at ppl 20-30 meters away. Its because stick on my controller(unoffical) springs back when ever i take my finger off which im sure is the case with all all ps controllers. I try and change the sensitivity but its either too slow when scoping or too fast when running around, any ideas?
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    So this is the first time playing a console FPS? And you are having troubles because you are not used to it? Honestly this isn't anything unusual and rather normal.

    As a PC & console FPS gamer I can understand and relate. When moving from one title to another (arcade vs realistic) or between systems (consoles vs PC) it takes time to LEARN or even RELEARN how to shoot/move and be properly accurate. For me personally when I go from playing PC shooters back to the console it takes a few days to pick up where I left off. I usually play through the campaign again on hard difficulty to readjust to console shooting before going online. And I'd say that's probably your best bet, invest some time in single-player to figure out what settings work best for you. Hope this helps :) .
  3. whitescar911

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    i hope i get better as im hoping to get BFBC2 soon
  4. mossy95

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    just get new controllers offical ones
  5. whitescar911

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    N ew ones? Didn't know there were any.
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