Psu causes pc to crash

By dustin_ds3000
Jun 9, 2008
  1. today the 6800gt i got from ebay came in today and installed it and when i get to the log in screen i can hear the video cards fan spin up, sometimes the case led fans dim down and then it crashes to a BSOD

    cpu: 2800+
    ram : one gig stick
    old video card: fx5200
    new video card: 6800gt
    fans: 3 120mm, 1 80mm
    hdd: 2 300 gig hdds
    cd drives, 1 dvd burner
    psu: 600w
    the case have the light stripes and a 3'' lcd screen on the front, if you dont know what im talking about look at this pic

    i got the psu with the case i got on ebay but it looks like someone piled off an old label and put on a new one the says its a 600w psu. tomorrow im taking the psu the a computer shop to get it tested

    here are the two psu im looking at

    which one should i get
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