Hardware PSU Fan not spinning and case power not working


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I just recently switched to a nzxt h510 case (because it looked much simpler and cleaner) and moved everything over. I think I have the wiring correct. However, when I try turning it on using the case power button, it doesn’t work. After I manually power it on via the power switch on the mother board, it turns on, but the PSU fan doesn’t spin.

I’m not an expert at these. I’d appreciate any help on how to fix this. Did I mess up somewhere or could this be a problem with the case? Pic attached.


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All too easy to make a connection incorrectly. Disconnect PSU from everything. Remove USB connections. Remove front panel and fan connections. Review motherboard manual again. Confirm that mounting of motherboard is proper and that stand-offs are properly installed (otherwise you could short to the case). Follow step by step re-connection as per the manual. Use lots of light and a flashlight to be certain connections are fully made and as instructed.

Let us know what you find and how it works out.
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