Pulling my hair out here! irq number help

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Dec 1, 2008
  1. Well i did a system build not to long ago. It was my first build and it went amazingly well. But just recently ive come across a small problem.. i have a Logitech G15 keyboard and a G5 mouse that suddenly quit working. Well i was looking around for solutions because my PS/2 still worked so I knew it was something with the usb ports. So i booted up one time and on my pre bios screen it lists my IRQ numbers and i noticed that my networking device and multimedia device x2 both had the IRQ number of 5... that raised a couple eyebrows for me so i thought id try to figure how to fix that. Haha easier said than done though. if anyone has ANY solutions to this problem i'm willing to do anything and everything to get this fixed.

    A few side items that might help
    ( I get the error usb device has malfunctioned on my windows GUI)
    ( Its windows vista home premium sp1 )
    ( system specs are as followed )
    ( Nvidia 750i SLI mobo )
    ( Intel pentium core duo )
    ( 2 sticks of 2gb corsair ram )
    ( Ultra X3 750 watt psu )
    ( 750 seagate hard drive )
    ( Liteon DVD drive )
    ( trend net wireless card )
    ( creative sound card )

    if any thing else you need to ask me or want to talk to me person to person ill be on aim and myspace

    AIM - Zachisfatt
    Myspace - .com/ihaveasg

    thank you so much just for reading.
  2. Topps9008

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    anyone helppp
  3. LookinAround

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    don't have vista handy to test right now.. but i think this should work as described

    Start->Run, enter msinfo32 (if you don't see Run on your Start Menu click here)

    About 15 secs for window to open. Click Components, then Problem Devices. Anything appear? you can copy paste into a post

    fyi... some things do share IRQ so by itself is not a problem. Don't know if any issue for your 2 specific devices.

    Also suggest you go to mobo support site. Compare BIOS you are running to updates the offer. Any newer versions with bug fixes that sound relevant?
  4. CCT

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    'Nvidia 750i SLI mobo'

    Means NOTHING!

    Some motherboards, during original setup, require you to specify whether you are using a Plug 'n Play OS or Not. It depends which is the Default setting.

    Usually, IRQ's lower than 15 or somewhere there are for System Resources.

    You DO want to specify P & P OS.
  5. Topps9008

    Topps9008 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ya i was messing with it tonight and i dont think its the IRQ because a i got a cheapo mouse and keyboard combo from wally world and they work perfectly fine. Im gunna call logitech and get my money back because i see no reason why a 100 dollar keyboard should just stop working like that.

    Thank you for the Responses. =]
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