Put RAM into a computer now it wont display anything

By treetops
Sep 18, 2009
  1. I turned off the power carefully opened up the case of a computer from a friend of the family, put in 512mb more of ddr ram to add to the 448 already in there. It beeped when I turned it on, so something was awry I turned it off again and tried again and the beep code went off again. So I said ok nvm then and I took out the ram I put in, now then I started up the computer and no beep code but also the monitor displays nothing. I dont see any fry marks or anything and im sure this computer uses ddr ram, I tried leaving the power off for a while. Oh yeah and before when I would start it up the fan was crazy loud, now its at a normal pace. There is a lot of dirt in there, I blowed it out with a household fan, considering taking a leaf blower to it, theres what almost looks like dried mud on the cpu fan. I am thinking of reseating everything, thats all I can think of hmm any thoughts?
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    OK reseating the ram and cleaning with a eraser worked, oddly enough it was ddr2 ram in it, but ddr ram fits into its slots and even odder the ram in it says 512mb not 448 mb, which I thought was odd. anywho crisis adverted.
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    FYI in the future:

    1) The beeping sounds means the BIOS cannot read or configure the RAM modules.

    2) Although Windows System Properties says 448MB RAM, it's really 512MB. A small fraction of RAM memory is reserved by the video chip/card and Windows reports what available to it. That's why it's slighly less than what you physically have installed.

    3) RAM modules are "notched" (form fitted) so that you cannot install the wrong kind of memory or insert the right kind backwards. If the modules fit in the slots, then you did have the right kind.

    -- Andy
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