Qualcomm announces world's first global LTE baseband chip

By Jos
Feb 22, 2013
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  1. LTE fragmentation can be a real hassle for travelers and companies making multiple versions of the same device for different markets. Case in point, the iPhone 5 currently produced in two GSM variants plus a CDMA version, and the iPad’s...

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  2. SCJake

    SCJake TS Rookie Posts: 80

    Next nexus is looking better and better... especially after the LG flop on the hardware this time around.... My vote goes to Moto for the next Nexus. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll make a kb variant too! (wishful thinking on that last part lol)
  3. Critica1Hit

    Critica1Hit TS Rookie Posts: 26

    I... I don't understand. What, the next nexus is going to use this chip or?? How did Nexus come into play here?
  4. SCJake

    SCJake TS Rookie Posts: 80

    Was going off the idea that the Nexus line is proposed to Google before being cleared. This means that they tend to use some of the higher advanced hardware. Particularly considering the fact that the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4 both needed 2 separate lines for LTE (still waiting on the N4) this chip may be used in the next Nexus. Google is a fan of unifying devices and very well may try to make 1 line with 1 set of hardware. Plus a large portion of manufacturers may move to this as it solves an issue in the manufacturing process. It's all $$ and if you can have 1 process make all spectrums then why not?

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