Quantum Conundrum: A Portal-Like Puzzle Shooter - Reviewed

By Julio Franco
Jun 25, 2012
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  1. I pre-ordered the game and didn't like it. It's a shadow of Portal. First of all it's too childish... targeted on pre-teens, I suppose. The professor character is played by a mediocre voice actor, his lines are boring. The puzzles are interesting at times, but too often they require you to JUMP. Too much jumping with falling through and dying. It's very annoying. Jumping is the farthest thing from puzzles in my opinion. Of course, you had to jump and could die in Portal as well, but it was all in good measure. Here it happens on each step. I'm disappointed! Instead of solving tricky logical problems, I'm forced to jump and die. After a few wrong jumps and deaths I just want to throw this away. Perhaps if Valve would be producing the game, it would have come out better suited for the intellectual folks like myself, but in the current shape it's... Unique. It's a first person jumper, that's what it is. I can't play it, I wonder what pre-teens say.

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