Question about cases and video cards

By skyatomic
Jan 19, 2009
  1. Hey, I'm gonna be building a computer soon, so I'm just doing some research about the various parts to make sure they will fit together properly. I've come across a bit of an issue with the graphics card and the I've decided to go with the GeForce GTX 295 (which is 10.4 inches), and I picked out a Thermaltake Xaser VI Mx case.

    The FAQ page on Thermaltake states that the case will fit a graphics card no longer than 9.6 inches, OR 10.6 inches if the hard drive cage is removed. So I wanted to know what would be involved with removing the hard drive seems easy enough to do, but where do the hard drives go if you take it out? Will I be able to fit more than one hard drive in the case if I remove it?

    Or would I be better off just going with a bigger case altogether? The problem there is that none of the mid tower cases at Thermaltake support a graphics card any bigger than that (they all state the same thing about the hard drive cage), and I would rather not get a full tower, because they seem to be pretty huge and heavy, and I do take my computer to friends' houses sometimes.

    So yeah, I would really appreciate some help with this issue. Thanks!
  2. LinkedKube

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    Just go with a larger case, if you're going to spend 500 dollars on a card you shouldnt have to mod a case to fit it into.
  3. vnf4ultra

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    You could put the hard drives into unused 5.25" optical drive bays with adapters, since the case has plenty of optical bays. Or, you could use a 5.25" bay hard drive rack which makes for a clean install, plus it gives you easy access to your hard drives.
  4. skyatomic

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    Thanks for the advice, I think I'll just go with a larger case.
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