Audio Questions about computer speakers


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I just bought these, I will return them if need be so don't pamper me :).

1. Question one, these speakers plug into my old jack, front speaker port on my mobo, should I use the center\sub-woofer port instead?

2. Should I have bought some kind of HDMI or SDPIF speakers instead? If so how much better are they? (My video card nvidia 970 has extra hdmi ports) ( my mobo has a spdif port)

3. Should I buy sound card\speaker combo? Is my mobo and or video card just as good as a good sound card?

4. Should I download some software to compliment my new speakers? Do I need to change any settings on my computer to take advantage of them? In the control panel should I up the "quality" from 24 bit 48000 hz studio?Virturilze sound? Boost enhance?

Will loudness equalization hurt my coolness?

nvidia 970 g1 gaming

Mobo z97m pro 4

p.s. my old speakers were like 15 years old, I don't even see where to adjust the bass....

p.s.s I use my speakers for music and gaming

ps+ was trying to spend 100$ on a speaker upgrade

flac is wow
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