Quirky CPU temp problem

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Mar 28, 2010
  1. I have recently put together a new rig and it seems to be running nicely. However, I occasionally get a heat spike to exactly 100C that is being reported by Asus PC Probe II. This has happened 3 times since the build. The system runs really quiet even after playing some heavy duty games on it.

    At idle the mobo temp is 30C and the CPU is 39C.
    CPU fan idle is about 1048 rpm and the PSU fan shows 733 rpm.
    Chassis fan rpm shows 0 rpm but is running.

    System details are
    E8500 Core 2 Duo 3.16 Ghz with Stock Fan
    Asus p5e3 Pro MB with x48 chipset
    4 Gb Gskill DDR3 1600 Ram
    Antec 430w PSU
    Nvidia 9800 GT 1024 mb memory

    One other thing..first time I powered up the system i got a spark that I wasnt sure where it came from but the system still came up with no problems. I shut down and moved the plugs that were not being used further away from the PSU because I suspected one of them arced juice back to the PSU. Turned the system back on and had no problem with that again. All plugs are tied down with wire ties.
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    CPU at 39C is fine. When exactly do you get the spike to 100C? If this persists I suggest that you reapply the TIM on the CPU and fit the HSF properly after cleaning.
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    It usually happens in a first person shooter I play online. The TIM was on a patch on the underside of the heatsink from intel. I've read these are not the best heatsinks in the world so I am more than likely going to replace it. Any recommendations for a good cooler would be much appreciated. Preferably something low cost. No need for water cooling here. And thank you for the response Ritwik7
  4. Ritwik7

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    They may not be the best, but do their job well enough if no overclocking is involved.

    I feel this should be very suitable.

    I suggest that before replacing the HSF you should reapply the thermal paste and reseat it on the CPU just to be sure that that's what's causing the problem.
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  6. sandmanz66

    sandmanz66 TS Member Topic Starter

    Thanks you both for the quick responses. Much appreciated
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