Radeon 9500 and Windows Vista x64

By rross48
Mar 31, 2008
  1. OK so i finally decided to do it! i upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate..
    its the x64 (64 bit) version.. (cos i didnt know how 2 change it. But its cool)
    Only problem is i have a AGP Radeon 9500 Graphics Card...
    Good card worx rely well for evrything i want
    ONly prob is i cant find a driver for it anywhere!
    I downloaded ATI Catalyst 8.3
    i got the suite.. then the individual driver when the suite didnt work.

    I go 2 install it and evrything! and it does the whole Catalyst install manager thing. I go Custom install. Then it checks device stuff and evrything! then when the list of things to install comes up.. it just has install manager, c++ redistrobutable, catalyst registration, and the steam thing.
    No drivers! no Catalyst Control Centre! NOTHING good! i want the drivers mostly.

    So i tried the individual driver 1 and it says "All components are up to date". which isnt true.
    its a clean install of vista ultimate on a new HDD.

    Atm in device manager its got this Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor driver installed from vista or something. But it has a code 10. like it doesnt work.
    SO i uninstalled that.. then safe mode uninstalled it. But keeps coming back!
    then run Driver cleaner make sure all ATI old drivers ARE ACTUALLY GONE! and it finds the empty ATI Technologies folder and deletes that.. but thats it.

    I dont seem 2 b able 2 find a x64 driver for my ATI radeon 9500.

    any suggestions would b rad! thnx!
  2. Whiffen

    Whiffen TS Rookie Posts: 235

    This post would probably belong to the Drivers section on the boards. :D

    Vista has been known to have some driver problems so keep in mind that their might not even be one for it :O
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